No cold calling zones

There are now over 50 No Cold Calling Zones with a local coordinator in Cambridgeshire and this number is steadily rising. If you live in or near to a No Cold Calling Zone and would like more information about becoming the local coordinator then please contact our Community Protection Team on 0345 045 5206.

The role is a simple one that can make a real difference to your neighbours’ lives and wellbeing. We/The Community Protection Team can offer a wide range of printed materials and advice, free of charge, to support you in fulfilling the role of coordinator. We are here to help. Will you, in turn, help your neighbours?

What is a No Cold Calling zone?

Cambridgeshire Trading Standards were proud to introduce the country’s first ever No Cold Calling Zone in St Ives in 2001.

This zone, and the 143 that later followed across Cambridgeshire, were set up to deter uninvited sales people and to give residents the confidence to say ‘no’ to doorstep callers – helping to stop potential rogue traders and distraction burglars in areas where these had previously been a problem.

The most effective No Cold Calling Zones are those where there is a local coordinator to look after the zone – making sure all new residents know about the zone and have copies of the leaflets, posters and stickers to help their understanding and their confidence to say ‘no’ to anyone knocking at their door. The local coordinator can be the person to go to if someone suspects a scam or wants a bit of info about who to contact for different matters relating to scams and rogue trading. Communities with a ‘Bob at Number 4’ who they can call upon are much better equipped to support their local residents in times of need than those without a local coordinator.

Good Neighbours

Whilst Cambridgeshire’s No Cold Calling Zones have offered a great deterrent to rogue traders and distraction burglars, the Good Neighbours scheme can do the same and more. The original campaign ‘Good Neighbours Stop Rogue Traders’ was started by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute but in Cambridgeshire we want to encourage communities to adopt Good Neighbours schemes are not limited to stopping rogue traders. Good Neighbours can offer so much more. For example, Good Neighbours help collect prescriptions for their neighbours,  Good Neighbours help put the bins out, Good Neighbours help to reduce loneliness amongst the most socially isolated residents (telling them about local events and clubs and even helping them to get there).

If you want to be a ‘Good Neighbour’ please get in touch with the Community Protection team on 0345 045 5206.

As before, our Community Protection Team can support local people who wish to introduce and coordinate a Good Neighbours scheme. We can provide the door stickers to deter unsolicited doorstep callers and leaflets and posters etc. but we really hope that communities will develop their own materials or activities bespoke to the community. The Community Protection team see Good Neighbours as being about helping communities to help themselves in the most appropriate way possible. As such we look forward to hearing from you and having a chat about what we can do to support you to build a Good Neighbours scheme in your community. It may be about stopping rogues. Or it may be about something else.