“Make sure you read all of the guidance on these pages. If your application is incomplete it will be delayed, or cancelled.” Admissions Manager

In-year admissions (moving schools)

An in-year admission is when you are applying for a school place outside of the ‘normal admissions rounds’. (Normal admissions rounds are a statutory process where all parents/carers must apply for a place for their child to start school in the school’s year of entry at Primary, or Secondary school).
  • An in-year admission could be a move between Cambridgeshire schools, or a move to a Cambridgeshire school from a school in a different county or country.
  • To apply for a place at a school outside of Cambridgeshire you will need to apply to the local authority of the new school.
  • You can submit an application for a school place up to 30 school days before the intended start date. When we have received a valid application, along with the appropriate documentary evidence, we aim to process it within 20 school days*. 
  • From 4 May to 19 June we can process applications for the new school year (September 2020) – offers will be made by 17th July. 

Your reason for applying or your circumstances may affect how you apply and what is required.

"Think carefully before moving your child from their current school, please see the frequently asked question below to see the impact of this on your child's education". Admissions Team Leader

Help with choosing and applying for a school is available to all parents from our Parents' School Preference Adviser.