The Troubled Families approach in Cambridgeshire

Information for parents and families can be found on our accessing support or child protection pages. This page is aimed at professionals and agencies, although parents and families may find this detailed information useful. 

What is Troubled Families?

Troubled Families is a national government funded programme. It requires Local Authorities to support and track families with multiple problems. In Cambridgeshire there is a specific target to work successfully with 653 families in 2020/2021. Using our whole family approach, we ensure there is ‘significant and sustained progress’.

The national programme also required Local Authorities to embed whole family working within all public services. This is to prevent needs escalating and reduce demand on more expensive services.

How are families identified for the Troubled Families, and how would I know if they were part of the cohort?

To be included in the cohort families must meet two of following criteria:

  • Education issues
  • Crime/Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Current or historic domestic abuse
  • In need of Early Help or Social Care support
  • Risk of financial exclusion
  • Health issues

There must be an assessment covering all family members, a coordinated plan across the agencies involved and an identified Lead Professional.

The Early Help Hub reviews the information provided in an Early Help Assessment to make a decision as to whether the family meets the Troubled Families criteria. The Troubled Families data team also include some families ‘retrospectively’ whose additional needs may have been identified later in the intervention.

Cambridgeshire County Council staff and authorised professionals in other agencies are able to see if a family is part of the cohort by looking at its database, LiquidLogic

How are lead professional records kept and why is this important?

LiquidLogic contains the record of who the Lead Professional is for each family. This is a crucial part of the Early Help Strategy to ensure professionals are able to find out whether a family already has a Lead Professional and to avoid duplication.

Lead Professionals with the appropriate access update LiquidLogic directly.

Those without access should keep the Early Help Hub up to date by calling 01480 376 666 or emailing if they are handing on the lead professional role. A final family plan will need to be completed when the 'team around the family' is coming to an end.

Troubled Families Outcome Plan 200207
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