IT support for remote access

Extended IT support during the Covid-19 crisis

Weekday support

The IT Service Desk will operate Monday to Friday 7:30am to 8pm.

Calls should be logged via Let’s Go Direct where possible or if not, by phoning 0300 126 7333 option 1.

Essential IT maintenance

Please note: During this period of extended working IT will need to continue to carry out essential system maintenance. This work will lead to periods of system down time although we will ensure this is communicated beforehand and the impact is minimised.

IT support outside business hours above


Note: If the call relates to the following critical social care systems: Mosaic, LiquidLogic, Wisdom or One, please log it on Let’s Go Direct BEFORE calling the IT Service Desk number.  This will help our analysts resolve it as quickly as possible.

Calls made to the IT Service Desk outside normal service hours will be redirected to a voice mail service and the caller will be asked to leave a message. They will also need to give their user name, user ID and contact details.  If they have logged a Let’s Go Direct call for the critical social care services listed above, they must quote their reference number.

If the message is left between 8am-8pm on a Saturday or Sunday on-call support will be alerted and will respond within two hours.

If the message is left outside these times the call will be responded to the following morning.

On-call staff will:

  • reset network passwords and unlock network accounts if required.
  • reset CCC BlackBerry/Work UEM passwords.
  • confirm whether or not the Remote Access System is available.
  • investigate whether corporate critical services such as email and logging in are available and attempt to restore if not.
  • provide support for critical social care systems
  • Mosaic, LiquidLogic, Wisdom or One (see note, must be accompanied by a Let’s Go Direct reference number)

Other business systems are investigated on a best endeavours basis. This may include contacting suppliers who may not be operating normal services responses at these times.

Please note that: 

Where a non-CCC PC is used for remote access any advice is offered without detailed knowledge of the configuration of the PC and network being used, and any changes you choose to make to your own PC or network configuration as a consequence of this advice are at your own risk

Cambridgeshire County Council IT Service is not able to provide support for PCs and networks that it does not manage. If you are unsure about following any of the advice offered please consult your own IT support provider

IT support outside business hours above

Note: If the call relates to the following critical social care systems: Mosaic, LiquidLogic, or One, and it’s essential the matter is dealt with within 24 hours, please log it using the usual email address or system (phone numbers are not staffed) and mark it with the words Covid-19 URGENT.  These issues will be picked up during the course of the day and responded to.